ChickFlicks 2016 – Gender Matters

Ladies do you have a blockbuster of an idea gathering cyber dust? If so, we want to hear from you!
As part of the Gender Matters initiative run by Screen Australia, dancing road productions is seeking stories with great female protagonists, written by women. Women creatives and voices are vastly underrepresented in screen story telling and we need to address this issue front on! Screen Australia figures show that the imbalance is most notable in traditional film, with women accounting for 32% of producers, 23% of writers and only 16% of directors.

We at dancing road are keen to attract more talented women into our industry and find audience-pleasing stories that entertain and stimulate. If successful your idea would be developed into a feature film, so we want fascinating characters, a strong concept and it must make us smile! The first step is to send us a one pager outlining your concept. So women writers, heed the call! Feature film credits are not required.

Who are We?

Helen Leake and Gena Ashwell run dancing road productions, and between them they have produced seven feature films, from concept through to market. Their films have been invited to over forty major festivals and have sold world-wide. Together they bring forty years’ experience to the table and a successful history of developing careers and creating economic benefit to their home state of South Australia.
Gender Matters is a one-off initiative run by Screen Australia and the successful applicant will be part of our application for story development under this scheme.
Applications close COB 5th March and if you are successful you will be notified by 10th March.

Please email your idea to:

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  1. says

    Hi, this sounds a brilliant opportunity! By “make us smile”, do you mean comedy? Or uplifting? I’m currently writing historical fiction, but did have one romantic comedy published, and several others of an ultimately uplifting nature, but deeper, more tragic stuff really. What’s the ultimate interest here? Thank you so much!


    Lisa Chaplin

    • admin says

      Hi Lisa

      Thanks for getting in touch, we are very much open to anything and you can summit more than one idea, be as wacky and spiky as you like! A strong female protagonist is key, think “True Grit” “The dressmaker” “Bridesmaids” to name a few. For example “True Grit” is by no means a comedy, but a 14 year old girl taking on the wild west with her intellect and pure determination makes you smile. A simple story with complex characters that’s satisfying to your target audience. Hope that helps!

  2. Natasha says

    Hi Helen and Gena,

    How exciting and what a fantastic initiative! I have a couple of quick questions about submitting concepts;

    1. Do you have any age restrictions in terms of the protagonist? (Are you looking for adult protagonists or could they be late teens?)
    2. Are we able to submit more than one story idea?



      • admin says

        Hi Natasha

        No problem, to answer your other question, no restrictions in terms of the protagonist. 🙂

        • Natasha says

          awesome, thank you 🙂

          I have a follow up question, are you looking for concepts set in Australia?

          • admin says

            Hi Natasha

            The concept would need to be shot in Australia, even if the world in the story is not Australia, for example “Mad Mad”. Hope that helps.